Teignmouth Players present Three One-Act Plays

Teignmouth Players present Three One Act Plays

‘Blood on Canvas’ - Written by Richard James - Directed by Jane & John Branch
A tense one act thriller. When Stella finds Maddie in an Art Gallery, a sinister sequence of events makes them both uneasy.

‘Curtains’ - Written and directed by Jef Pirie
Following huge success a couple of years ago, Jef Pirie has written a follow on to "I'd like to believe in angels", which won 10 awards including best actor for both parts. ‘Curtains’ explores some of the background to this play in a particularly funny way.

The play takes place in the flat of a middle-aged man who is at the end of his tether. His girlfriend has had enough of him, his abusive sibling wants his money back. There is a comedian in the wardrobe.

‘Underground’ - Written by Jon Boustead, Directed by Beth Laverack & Richie Howard, performed by the Tykes youth theatre.
A group of youth-age children on a school outing are left to fend for themselves, as they find themselves trapped in a crashed tube train and their teachers are nowhere to be found. They all have to deal with the horror in their own way and they take the plot along through intermittent narration and action.