Teignmouth Players present ‘Friday’s Child’

A suburban drama in three acts, by Austin Hawkins.

‘Friday’s Child’ is ‘loving and giving’,

but does this apply in Sharon’s case?

Alan’s car is being repaired, so he decides to walk home from work and, on a street corner, he meets a young girl who reminds him of his daughter. He accepts her invitation and goes ‘back to her place’, but all is not as it seems.....

He should have known better, but that’s men for you.

In three acts, the play explores the underside of human relationships; the stereotypes are obvious, but what is the truth behind these complex characters? 

Austin Hawkins is a member of Teignmouth Players and has written several full-length and one-act plays, many of which have won awards in festival competitions. In ‘Friday’s Child’ Austin has drawn together three of his shorter plays to make an intriguing and well-rounded evening of theatre.