Technical Information

Summary of Technical Specification.

For the full specification download the Technical Specifications document.

Brixham Theatre is located on the 2nd floor of Brixham Town Hall.


Access to the Stage

Is by the Stage door on Middle Street (people only), one of the fire escapes or through the main auditorium (accessed by lift or stairs at the front of the building).

There is currently no disabled access to the stage or backstage. Disabled access to the auditorium is via the front of the building.

Maximum size stage flat that can be brought into the Theatre is 4m x 1.2 m (13' 4" x 4').



The Auditorium can be divided into three stagings;

  1. The Studio – 100 raked seat performance space, with acting area of 5.4m wide x 2.3 m deep. This performing space is intimate, for both performers and audience, and is especially suited for small scale drama, poetry recitals, classical chamber groups or solo singers, folk or jazz nights, film clubs or comedy.
  2. The Stage – 150 seats, on a flat level, and the main stage area as per plan. Lighting and sound operation is through a gap in the rear curtaining. This gives an intimate and warm atmosphere to a main stage performance.
  3. The Theatre – 250 seats, using the main stage performance area, with the dividing curtaining drawn back and both flat and raked seating as a full auditorium. Useful for larger scale shows expecting a bigger audience, such as pantomime and popular companies or bands.



Standard theatre lighting comprises standard generic incandescent lighting fixtures producing a general cover state, 3 colour washes and provision for a few specials.

Front of house lighting is controlled from the Technician’s Box at the rear of the auditorium.

Lighting control is via a 24/48 channel lighting console with manual preset operation, submasters and basic cue-stack playback functions.


Other equipment includes -

Dimming & Power: 16x 10 amp channels run off 4 x 6 channel racks, each from single phase 32a supplies.

Other lighting equipment includes; 4 Channel DMX dimmer pack, 6 Channel DMX desk, 650w Zoom profiles (ADB/ Selecon), PAR64 cans 1kw,  500/650w Pebble Convex Fresnels, PAR64 long nose PAR cans, Tri-coloured LED Par Cans, 650/1000w Fresnels.


Sound Facilities

In-house PA system suitable for general speech, playback of low-level music and small live acoustic/duo acts comprising:- 
Behringer 15” passive speakers, RCF 12” active speakers, Allen & Heath ZED 436 desk, Allen & Heath MixWizard3 12:2 desk, SM58 dynamic microphones, basic dynamic microphones, cardioid condenser mics, AKG hypercardioid and shotgun mics.

The stage can be wired with microphones as required. There is a facility of show relay to speakers in the dressing rooms.

Other equipment includes -

White cyc on the Main Stage and a small (1.5m x 1.5m) pop up screen.

1 upright piano, 1 Yamaha Clavinova


Personnel Facilities

There are 3 dressing rooms 1 x 7-10 people, 2 x 3 people and a large Green Room which can double as a dressing room for up to 15 people.


Stage Dimensions

Proscenium arch opening: 7.9m  (26’)

Height of proscenium: 7m (23’)

Depth of apron: 1.23m (4’)

Depth of stage (including apron) 4m (27’6”)

Width of stage (including wings): 11.61m (38')

Width of stage wings: 3.2m (10'6") and 2.2m (7'2")