'A Feather in my Wallet' with Cat Weatherill, at The Spark Studio

Sometimes people say they don't have any stories to tell about themselves. That's not true!
We are all full of stories worth hearing.

'A Feather in my Wallet' is all about finding stories the little things people keep, inspired by a story from WW1. 

Join us for this FREE friendly, chatty workshop where Cat will help you find, shape and share stories from your life.

Do you have something you have kept through the years? Something small, like a photo or a piece of jewellery, a Letter or maybe something else? Bring it along!

1 pm Wednesday 23rd March at The Spark, Metherell Avenue, Brixham.

This workshop is part of the 2022 programme "A Journey Through Womanhood" staged by PPT Arts & Events. See the socials and website for all the workshops/upcoming events