Doves of Peace Platinum Jubilee recycled art installation

‘Doves of Peace’ is a recycled art installation, created by BATS (Brixham Arts & Theatre Society) as part of their artistic contribution to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in Brixham. 


The doves will be found in shops, cafes, the library and businesses in Brixham town centre.  Made from 2 ltr plastic milk bottles, they will be recycled when the installation project ends.  The bottle tops are being collected and taken to The Clothes Locker shop in Middle Street, recycled to raise funds for Great Ormond Street.Children’s Hospital. (


Since the conception of the art installation, over a year ago, the doves have also come to represent support for Ukraine, with the hope for a lasting peace in this devastated country since the Russian invasion.

If you would like to join in making some doves to hang in your home or garden (they look lovely on bushes and trees), there will be a stand demonstrating how if you bring your saved milk bottles down to Fore Street, outside Tesco, on Wednesday 1st June 10 am to 12 am. Alternative you can follow the instructions here to make your own doves. (


We welcome your help collecting more bottles please. If you have any spare washed milk bottles (2 ltr ones only) then do drop them off, in a plastic bag, to The Spark Creative Studio, in Metherell Avenue, or at 53 Rea Barn Road or at 11 Lands Road, Brixham by 30th May.

Do please share with anyone who might be able to collect milk bottles or help make them into birds.

We thank everyone taking part in this artistic project and hope you all enjoy the Jubilee Celebrations.