The Spark Creative Studio

Welcome to…The Spark…a creative arts studio that PPT Arts & Events, a community interest company, are now operating on the site of the old Kingdom Hall in Metherell Avenue, Brixham.

So what is the connection with BATS? This new arts space is the brain child of Polly Pritchard-Davies, the youth theatre leader who runs Project Performers, is Brixham born and bred and has been operating youth drama classes in Torbay for over 20 years.  Polly, responding to the BATS arts groups needs survey, asked for help to get the project off the ground as this was a once in a generation opportunity to add another arts space to Brixham, operated by a professional arts practitioner with a strong track record.

The BATS Board decided that this was indeed a chance that Brixham could not afford to miss and agreed to mentor and support the project, as it fulfilled the aims that BATS was set up to help.

To that end, BATS helped with the setting up a community interest company correctly to operate the new space, issued a start-up loan, and assisted with signage.  Olive Farnham, the BATS Company Secretary, became a Director of the new company and considerable time and mentoring has been given by the BATS Directors and Board to ensure that the new venture was established following all required legal and artistic procedures. BATS will continue to mentor and support the project into the future BUT this is not a venue that BATS is operating. It is down to PPT ARTS & Events to make a success of their new operation, not BATS.

An exciting programme of workshops and summer activities happened during the summer months and a wide variety of classes and activities has started for the Autumn.

Most importantly, there is now the creation of not only drama classes but also a new Dance programme, including Tap, Ballet and Modern contemporary dance.  This has not existed in Brixham for many years and has added new artistic benefits to the town already. Singing and Vocal Coaching has also been added to the programme, again another arts venture not seen before in the town.

The Spark is also available to hire, especially for children's birthday parties, where a themed event can also be provided if required.

For further information get in touch with Polly either via 'The Spark Studio, Brixham' on facebook, or email or call/text 07890 010191