'Thespis' - a newsletter of amateur productions in the area

'Thespis' is a newsletter, produced by John Miles, of all the information on amateur drama productions in the Torbay and South Devon area.

The aim is for local groups to share information, help each other with casting, prop loans and to avoid clashes of production choices and dates.

If you are interested in taking part in amateur drama shows then this is the place to check out which groups exist, what shows are coming up and when auditions are being held.

Have fun on the stage or behind the scenes.

Latest update 5.6.19

Hello, everyone. A couple of changes to 'Thespis' this time... in particular, I'm now told that tickets for the ABS production of 'Breaking the Code' at Teignmouth cannot be purchased via the TP box office telephone.  Please see the text for a link to Ticketline. 

It would be wrong of me to mention my own production which started last night... so I won't.
The planned double-bill (Teignmouth /Shaldon) for 3-7th September has been cancelled. 
Please ensure that the entries for your productions are correct in 'Thespis'. Confusion and frustration reigns otherwise!  
Best wishes, John.