'Thespis' - a newsletter of amateur productions in the area

'Thespis' is a newsletter, produced by John Miles, of all the information on amateur drama productions in the Torbay and South Devon area.

The aim is for local groups to share information, help each other with casting, prop loans and to avoid clashes of production choices and dates.

If you are interested in taking part in amateur drama shows then this is the place to check out which groups exist, what shows are coming up and when auditions are being held.

Have fun on the stage or behind the scenes.

Latest update 22.12.2020

Hello, for the last time in 2020. 

This year; since March, anyway; has been a complete write-off regarding am dram. Many societies are keeping their membership and regular punters in the loop with Zoom meetings, Youtube videos and quizzes, but there's not much else happening.

Teignmouth Players have sent out a range of videos with Amy Burton-Smith and Hannah Baxter-Freeman regular contributors, plus Jane Anderson-Brown and David Hyde-Constantine have put up musical videos and A to Z compilations (notice how they're all double-barreled names!) 

For Toads, Jon Manley and the committee have organised a whole sheaf of short performances, plus three Socially Distanced in-house stagings. 

The Wednesday Club's Nigel Colledge has organised weekly Zoom meetings and over one hundred quizzes, plus some listings of professional shows on-line.

Maureen and the gang at The Palace Theatre, Paignton have a programme of entertainment planned, and although some of these items are not strictly amateur, nevertheless I thought I'd list them. 

Unleashed Theatre is holding some Zoom meetings, I believe, but I have no information.

Peter Whittle has an intriguing musical on offer for royalty-free performance,

and Freda has the dates at The Shaftesbury for TAADFest.

Try the online panto at TP..... with a stunning cast and quality technicals from their savvy technical team.

Let's hope we will get back to some semblance of normality in the New Year. 

Best wishes from John.