Welcome to Brixham Theatre

Welcome to Brixham Theatre, 'the theatre at the end of the bay', run by the Brixham Arts and Theatre Society (BATS), formed to promote the arts in Brixham.

As many people will have seen in the local newspaper, Brixham Arts & Theatre Society will be ending their lease on Brixham Theatre with effect from 30 April 2018.
This does NOT mean that Brixham Theatre is closing immediately!
Far from it! We have a packed programme of events planned for the coming months months, featuring top professional performers, bands and acts, as well as many amateur events. We urge you to make the most of the great entertainment opportunities and come and see what is on whilst it's there.
We will also be continuing the regular two youth theatre classes, the Folk Nights and the Showcase Nights.
The reasons for BATS bringing down the curtain on their tenure of the theatre are many, as outlined in the newspaper article.
Anyone wishing to receive a full breakdown of these reasons can join BATS as a Member and be sent the report on why the BATS Directors and Board believes Brixham Theatre is not viable as a venue. Forms are available at the Box Office.
What happens to Brixham Theatre from 1st May is entirely up to Brixham Town Council.


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