What BATS has achieved

What BATS has achieved!

BATS (Brixham Arts & Theatre Society) has run Brixham Theatre since 2010. In that time we have completely refurbished the neglected, shabby theatre, ensured that health and safety criteria were met and programmed a lively mix of professional shows and local amateur companies.  BATS has also supported the establishment of two new Youth Theatre groups and held regular monthly Folk Music, Open Mic showcase nights and Art Days.

We have staged drama, dance, comedy, classical and big band concerts as well as folk, blues, world and rock music and virtually every performance genre you could think of, including family wrestling nights and BBC Gardeners’ Question Time.

BATS has lured stars of stage and screen to Brixham, such as Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee, Anita Harris, Germaine Greer and many other first rate performers from around the world.

We have fund raised furiously so the theatre could rise like a phoenix from the ashes it was lying in, creating the Studio space in the auditorium for more intimate events, upgrading the lighting and technical rigs and installing new scenery racks, completely overhauling the derelict backstage dressing rooms and decorated the auditorium to make a draughty hall feel like a theatre.

We thank all the wonderful people who have worked so hard as volunteers. We could not have achieved it without your dedication and enthusiasm. Take a bow and Well Done!