A String Section | Reckless Sleepers, Dance in Devon - Princess Gardens, Torquay TQ2 5EZ

A String Section | Reckless Sleepers, Dance in Devon

"We’d imagined occupying larger spaces, which were depositories for unwanted chairs, you could bring your own, watch your object have its history changed in front of you. It can be inside a large warehouse, outside in front of a forest, inside a library, against an important building that’s about to fall down, under a bridge that should have never been built, next to a motorway that divided a city...” Mole Wetherell, Reckless Sleepers 

A String Section choreographer Leen Dewilde brings a literal account of the show’s title. Five women wearing little black dresses, each with a handsaw and chair, engage in a slow dance with destruction – by attempting to saw the legs off the chairs. As they labour, elegance, dignity and sophistication give way to absurdity as the pull of gravity takes over. Driven to complete their uncompromising task, the five women struggle against or give in to the inevitable – each in their own style, wavering between farcical brinkmanship and a process of unrelenting destruction.

“They then process to saw the legs and support mechanisms from each chair (one little bit at a time) - all the while sitting on the chair. On occasion, they’d pause as a group, take in the audience, and then get back to work. It was riveting. I kid you not, the audience was transfixed.”

Rob Orchard, audience member

Suitable for all ages.

Booking info

No booking required. Performances are free. You may want to bring your own chair to sit on.

Full dates, times & locations

Performance 1 Sat 15th June 8 pm - 9 pm

Outside the Pavilion, Princess Gardens, Torquay TQ2 5EZ

Performance 2 Sun 16th June 8 pm - 9 pm

Outside the Pavilion, Princess Gardens, Torquay TQ2 5EZ

Access info

Princess Gardens are fully wheelchair and buggy accessible. There is parking nearby on the street and in a number of multi-storey car parks. The car park in Fleet Walk shopping centre is open & staffed 24 hours a day. Access can be gained via the footbridge/steps/lift at Cary Parade or by following the pavement along the access road.