Street Music | Trio of Men, Kung Chi Shing and guests at Eastern Esplanade, Paignton

A free outdoor Street Music concert and performances - a collaboration between musicians from the UK with visiting musicians from Hong Kong. A celebration of music from near and far - curated by Hugh Nankivell and Steve Sowden (Trio of Men) and Kung Chi Shing.

Connecting with the Street Music Series, established by Kung Chi Shing in Hong Kong, join us for an evening of music in Paignton, bringing diverse music to new audiences.

This marks the beginning of a new collaboration between musicians from Hong Kong and Devon, providing a platform for established and emerging artists to present their work. 

Co-hosted by Torbay Culture with the International Agatha Christie Festival, as part of its year-round “Come, Tell Me How You Live” programme, inviting guest international writers and artists to visit and be inspired by Torbay.

Supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Suitable for all ages. No booking required.

Friday 7 June, 6pm - 10pm, Eastern Esplanade, Paignton