Sound in Landscape at Elberry/Broadsands SW Coast Path, Brixham near TQ4 6HS

Sound in Landscape | Kung Chi Shing with Hak Gwai, Bou Kwan Ying and Mukzi

Performances at extraordinary sites across Torbay’s unique landscape, a UNESCO Global Geopark, with exceptional musicians from Hong Kong and Torbay.

Part of a new artistic exchange between musicians in Hong Kong and the English Riviera, exploring artistic responses from two distinct Global Geopark sites.

On Saturday 8th June, Kung Chi Shing, Hak Gwai, Bou Kwan Ying and Mukzi perform with Steve Sowden, Hugh Nankivell, Steve Sowden and Emma Welton.

On Sunday 9th June, Kung Chi Shing, Hak Gwai, Bou Kwan Ying and Mukzi perform on the cliffs at Elbury/Broadsands South West Coast Path overlooking the bay.

Co-hosted by Torbay Culture with the International Agatha Christie Festival, as part of its year-round “Come, Tell Me How You Live” programme, inviting guest international writers and artists to visit and be inspired by Torbay.

Supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


Suitable for all ages.


Full dates, times & locations


Saturday 8th June. Performances 11am - 12 noon and 5 pm - 6 pm at Valley of Rocks, Torquay TQ1 4SE. 

Sunday 9th June. Performances 11am - 12noon and 5pm - 6pm at Elbury/Broadsands SW Coast Path, Brixham, near TQ4 6HS.