'Up, Down and In-Between'

The Palace Theatre, Paignton

Project Performers Youth Theatre & Dance School,  with The Spark Theatre Company, 


'Up, Down and In-Between'

A series of short plays, songs and dance 

Set in Space, on Earth and Underground

Saturday 23rd March 12 pm

PPYT (Mon 4-11yrs) and Dance School

Saturday 23rd March 5 pm

PPYT (Tues 4-11yrs) and Dance School

Following a selection from the newly formed Dance Company, there will be a performance by the Project Performers Youth Theatre of

'Poppy & The Alien' - Join Poppy as she ventures into out of space visiting lots of planets along the way .... but was it all a dream?

'Adventure with the Author' - Who knew writing a school report could be so much fun - well watch the adventure unfold meeting some interesting characters along the way. 

Sunday 24th March 2 pm

PP Seniors (aged 12-16yrs) and The Spark Theatre Company

There will be a performance by the Senior Project Performers Youth Theatre of: 

'10 Year' - A mystery disappearance with a bit of time travel 

'School' - Life in Senior school, with gossip and drama

The performance by The Spark Theatre Company will be

'We Shall Never Die' - an emotional drama  about the Huskar Pit mining disaster in 1838

Ticket price

1 show : Adults £10, Seniors £8, Child 2-18 yrs £6

2 show offer : Adults £18, Seniors £14, Child 2-18yrs £9 (but tickets MUST be booked at the same time for the offer)