Enrol for Spring Term at The Spark

Polly Pritchard-Davies has been teaching for 24 years and can say, hand on heart, it’s the very best thing to build self esteem and confidence in young people. She runs a fun school with excellent relaxed teaching methods that really does get the best out of them without them even realising.. no pressure to perform .. but they often want to. 

Theatre is a glorious escape, a place to be their funny selves and to learn about team work, overcoming fears, and producing something they’re proud of...

even if you’ve never seen the appeal yourself, why not give your kids a trial? It could become a fabulous escape for them too in this world of gadgets and peer pressure.

The Spark operates a very low tolerance on unkindness, and it is dealt with quickly.

They aim to be a safe space for EVERY child.

Prices are competitive and there is a wonderful studio to work from.

Polly's past students have gone on to be actors, singers, all round entertainers, teachers ( many many teachers,) doctors, care givers and many other professions where the confidence they have learnt from youth theatre must have had such a huge impact...

Check out the Face Book pages for further information and to enlist your child.

Www.facebook.com/projectperformers for youth theatre and dance school activities

Www.facebook.com/sparkbrixham for all our activities, including birthday parties, adult choir/fitness.