Torbay Imagination Festival at Parkfield, Paignton.

Imagine This... is asking the people who know best what they think should be done to improve the lot of young people in the Bay – the young people themselves.

An open invitation has gone out to children, young people and families to come along and share their ideas and concepts at the Torbay Imagination Festival being held at Parkfield in Colin Road in Paignton between 2pm and 8pm on Saturday 21st September 2019.

The festival includes art, food, music, games, tech, workshops, entertainment and prizes for those with the brightest imaginations. Everything at the festival is designed to inspire and encourage young people to share their ideas on making Torbay a better place for them to grow up in.

It promises to be an excellent and exciting start to a two-year project that that has brought together 26 organisations from across the Bay to ask the questions that mean the most to young people.

25,000 children and young people live in the Bay and with good reason many of them would say no-one is listening to them and that is where Imagine This… comes in.

Imagine This… aims to provide a platform (or numerous platforms) that will allow those conversations to take place and for the voices to be heard before deciding with young’s people’s help how to do something about the issues that will be raised.

If you'd like any more information about Imagine This...or the Imagination Festival, call Tanny on 0772 860407, or Jo on 07954 105566.