Tashi Lhunpo Tibetan Monks workshops & performance at Lupton House from 4 pm

BATS old friends, the Tibetan monks of Tashi Lhunpo Monastery are returning to Lupton House with a programme of workshops and performance on Saturday 28th September.

The monks also offer interactive workshops covering the performance or hands-on activities of Tibetan art, which are suitable for all ages.  Workshops start at 4 pm and booking is essential as there are very few places left.

Workshops include hands on demonstrations of :

Tibetan language, Dukar wheel making, Sand Mandala making, Butter Sculpture and Prayer Flag printing.

The performance starts at 7 pm and booking is essential too because it is nearly sold out.

'The Power of Compassion' is a  performance of masked dance and sacred chant from a Tibetan monastery, offering an entertaining and informative introduction to Buddhist monastic ritual.  

The dramatic dances, taken from the Gutor Festival before Tibetan Losar (New Year), use colourful costumes and masks, and the instruments include the long horns, drums, cymbals and bells of the Tibetan Tantric orchestra, as well as the atmospheric calm of traditional chanting.  

The performance includes introductory explanations of each item in the programme which allows audiences to get more understanding of the presentation and Tibetan monastic culture. 

Contact Lupton House to book a place on the workshops or for the performance.